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When we enter a room with a fireplace, the first thing that draws our attention is usually the fireplace. Am I wrong? The fireplace is the focal point of the room and all the decoration of the space and the arrangement of the furniture are made according to the fireplace.

Fireplace has always been an essential part of rural homes as they are perfect for heating a home, but now fireplaces are everywhere, not just in rural homes and can be in any home with proper installation. If you want a fireplace in the house, this will interest you.

Currently, fireplace can be a great decorative element that can make a space feel much more pleasant and warm, as well as having practical functions such as heating the home. You can make it more comfortable by installing a fireplace in your living room or bedroom.

Today, the use of fireplace has become quite modern. It has started to be used in high-rise buildings, luxurious houses and even cafes. In the past, it was used only in chalets or vineyards, since we are in a modern age, things that were used in the past can often be trendy now.
We could say that the fireplace was a luxurious detail before. However, the fact that it is now showing itself in many apartments has begun to break the perception of luxurious. It can now even be used to evaluate empty walls in homes.
The fireplace meets your heating needs, and recently it is used as a decoration in places. In general, in the cold winter months, it not only satisfies our heating needs, but also satisfies our decorative needs. In normal wood fireplaces, there are problems such as ash removal, soot and sparks coming out of the fireplace after the fire is over. To eliminate this in a wholesale way, you need to look at electric fireplace models.

Eye-catching electric fireplace with a variety of colors and models are among the first choices of consumers who are bothered by the smell of smoke or smoke. The fire view reflected by the light of the electric fireplace, which has a simple use, will be enough to create a pleasant environment for you.

Today, the number of people who want to buy a fireplace for their home is increasing. This is caused by the benefits of the fireplace. So, what are the benefits of having a fireplace in your home and having an electric fireplace in addition to the known and unknown ones?

So, how should the most suitable fireplace selection and fireplace decoration be for your home? By continuing to read our article, you can learn the tricks about fireplace selection, fireplace décor and fireplace use, and you can choose the most suitable fireplace for your home. 

  1. Of course, Heating
Fireplace is a powerful source of heat in terms of heating capacity. If you have one in your living room, the heat will quickly reach the rest of the house. It is also a very practical heating alternative for cold winter days.
Fireplace, just like wood stove, warms the house in a natural and eco-friendly way. Unlike other heating methods, fireplace does not dry out the air in the house and do not cause life-threatening conditions for the residents. Often fireplace has the ability to clean themselves.
If you have chosen or will choose an electric fireplace, you will not only get rid
chopping wood
, but also save energy. You can also remotely control electric fireplace.

I would also like to give you some suggestions for heating your home with the fireplace in the highest efficiency:

  • Fireplace installed in the corner of the room increase the visual warmth as they dominate the room.
  • When making a fireplace, the quality of the insulation materials used is very important.
  • Only wood should be used as fuel. Any substance such as coal, plastic, chemicals, oil, alcohol should not be used.
  • You can light your fireplace easily and cleanly thanks to the packaged woods.
  • Fireplace mounted in the middle of the wall will create the focal point of your room.

Did you know that fireplaces will achieve the highest heat output when installed against a wall? And there are so many beautiful wall-mounted electric fireplaces out there. By the way, I will suggest a few designs at the end of the article.

  1. Increases Property Value

Fireplaces can also be used for heating and decoration as you know. Of course, it increases the property value.

  1. Spiritual

Seeing how a controlled fire burns in your home fireplace will bring you peace of mind because as well as having the power to warm your room, it also has the power to calm your being. The perfect environment to spend time with family and friends.

There are also expert psychologists that the burning fire provides mental calmness in people. It is undoubtedly very enjoyable to watch the dance of flames in the fireplace when it is cold outside.

  1. Simple and Practical (Of course I'm saying this for the Electric Fireplace)

Many features can be added to the models of electric fireplaces. For example, models with thermostat and timer are quite safe. You can enjoy the fireplace in all places whenever you want. One of the features of electric fireplaces is that they can be controlled with a remote control. In this way, electric fireplaces are quite practical.

  1. Energy and Money Saving

A fireplace can help save money if you use it as your main heat source. You will not spend money on electricity and you will notice this on your bill at the end of the month. But if you prefer an electric fireplace, you don't have to be afraid of energy saving. With the development of technology, electric fireplaces have also become cost effective.

  1. Decoration

In addition to everything we mentioned above, fireplaces decorate your home. They make beautiful and wonderful decorations. Honestly, it depends a bit on the style of your home. But fireplaces add a cozy, rustic touch to any space. We know that the fireplace itself offers an impressive and ostentatious visual. However, it is possible to make living rooms with fireplaces much more stylish. For this, it is necessary to be careful in the selection of furniture and home accessories used. By making tasteful and right choices, you can make your living room with fireplace much more stylish than you think.

In recent years, many people's favorites have started to be houses with fireplaces. These houses, which have become the choice of families due to the warm and stylish appearance they offer, are also quite open to differences in decoration. So, what should be considered when decorating a home with a fireplace?

  • Take care to use the wing chair.
  • The corner set is very suitable for this environment.
  • Consider the accessories well.
  • Complete the decoration with artificial post rugs.
  • Prefer natural color tones.

In addition to detached houses, there are fireplaces suitable for use in apartments and even residences. Your preferences will be between wood, rustic, marble or central fireplaces. The most important thing to consider when making your choice is of course your general decoration. According to the atmosphere of your home, you can lay the fireplace surround with stones; You can hang a painting on it or create a pleasant atmosphere around the fireplace with stylish wood cabinets. If it has side compartments and upper shelves, it can provide lighting; You can decorate this area with objects. Mats and poufs will also suit this environment very well.

Let me give you a hint. When choosing a fireplace, you should pay attention to choosing among fireplace models that are suitable for the square meter of the area you will use and will also adapt to other items in the space. Thus, the fireplace you choose will not be overly conspicuous and the decoration of your home will not be spoiled.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Fireplace systems, which are more eco than normal heating systems, have also started to be preferred by construction companies. Instead of the coal used in the heaters, water fireplaces are burned using more nature-friendly dry woods. This will reduce costs as well as help reduce air pollution.

BONUS: Our Suggestion is Electric Fireplace

When it comes to electric fireplace, they are more effortless than other fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are preferred instead of wood fireplaces. Moreover, you can get a natural look by offering exactly the same fire look and heat. Thanks to the heat it emits, it spreads a clean heat to the living spaces. It also puts an end to problems such as smoke and soot, which puts an end to the problem of soot flowing from the chimney.

So, how much space does the electric fireplace, which we can consider as a heat source, heat? The answer to this question may vary according to the power of the fireplace; but we can say that an electric fireplace with an estimated power of 1500 Watt - 2000 Watt can heat 20 m² - 25 m² area in 1 hour. 

Spending time by the fireplace can be a pleasant experience. Electric fireplaces spread heat to the space without the need for a chimney system. You can get rid of problems such as ash, soot, smoke and cleaning in electric fireplaces. Types and models of electric fireplaces are different. For this, the heating capacities vary. In some electric fireplaces, the technology is quite advanced. For example, some electric fireplace models can be controlled with a remote control, and you can increase or decrease the temperature. Electric fireplaces also save you from chimney cleaning.

Electric fireplace models that will take your home decoration to the next level and help you create an intimate space are waiting for you at Wood Majestic!  As I promised you at the beginning of the article, here is the website of the brand, where you can find wall-mounted, classic or TV unit types suitable for all fireplace styles: Check out the discounts to buy an electric fireplace that will completely change the aura of your home with the Christmas sale!


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