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A fireplace is a final detail that elevates the space’s vibe and creates a cozy secret mystery atmosphere. The point that can set your home apart from others is a see-through electric fireplace, a unique premium product that will turn any space into a luxurious space.

Luxury features and experience

Make your grand dreams come true. Forget about venting, gas lines, and dangerous hot glass. Enjoy 100% harmless fire dance, calm and safe front glass, and no restrictions on installation. We use Opti-myst® Flame Effect, revolutionary ultrasonic technology, to create highly close-to-reality flames and smoke without any smell.

The possibilities are limited only by imagination. Put a fireplace between the walls and create cozy rooms with two different aesthetics united by one royal detail, or get an open concept and add a dramatic fire feature to the space. Observe the dance of smoke and flames. Listen to the crackling sounds of fire, and change their volume or intensity. Invite guests to play with the fire. It’s safe because the fire’s made of steam of harmless temperature.

Control your fireplace in comfort. Change the nature of the flames, the heater, and the crackling sound at the touch of a button. Transform the room by brightening the fire and bringing a festive mood or dimming the flames, leaving just a feeling of comfort and warmth.

A see-through fireplace is a stunning visual and audio feature that costs every cent. The maintenance costs pennies per hour, thanks to water-fueled technology and low-energy LED lights.

A see-through electric fireplace:

  • Has no smells, moisture, or condensation;
  • Requires no gas lines, venting, or chimney;
  • It has a high-gloss backer panel for conversion;
  • Makes sound effects of a natural wood fire;
  • It has cool glass that is safe for kids and pets;
  • Operates up to 12 hours before next water refill;
  • Includes remote control to adjust flame and sound;
  • It is shipped for free across the continental US.

Wood Majestic is a family-run business passionate about style, design, and longevity. We develop revolutionary products that will be the perfect addition to interiors and serve long years. 

Have the features you need

Upgrade your electric fireplace to get an even more royal experience. ​​See-through electric fireplaces have no heat source pre-installed as their primary purpose is to be a conversation piece, to grab attention and get that wow from our clients and their guests.

Another fancy thing to include in the standard set is a media tray that you can customize with any media. Also, add inner glow logs to create a more mysterious and profound atmosphere for cozy evenings. 

Get an exclusive and relaxing atmosphere.

You can find all see-through electric fireplaces on our website and order the world's most authentic and luxurious fireplace. 

Just choose the best option and let us take care of everything else. 

We will set the best price, provide 24/7 expert advice, manually double-check the quality of the product before delivery, and accept no money for shipping. We are sure our product is the best, so we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee with a 30 Days Return Policy and a two-year warranty for all our clients.


Do you have more questions for us? Contact us Ask an Expert: (347) 901-5493 | Email us: | Live Chat: Chat with us 

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Protect Your Purchase
  • Extended protection beyond MFR warranty
  • No deductible for covered claims
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