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Gone are the days when fireplaces need chimneys and wood logs. It's time to upgrade your fireplaces with no chimney, energy efficiency, no smoke, and environment-friendly electric fireplaces.


In this article, we'll guide you on buying a free-standing electric fireplace that comes in different styles and shapes. You could  install them on your walls or put in the backyard for a cozy ambiance.


Before going shopping, we recommend reading this buyer's guide to understanding what to look for in a free-standing electric fireplace.


What to Consider When Buying a Free-Standing Electric Fireplace

There are multiple factors to consider when buying a free-standing electric fireplace. However, these should be your primary concerns;

Design and Finish

Since the visual value of an electric fireplace is its key selling point, you must pick a model that you genuinely enjoy and complements your house's decor.


The most popular choices available in the market are listed below.


  • Metal electric fireplaces: These fireplaces have a metal frame and body, while some models also have plastic components. You'll find these electric fireplaces in different colors. Traditional or modern, these fireplaces will complement any decor.
  • Electric fireplaces with a wood cabinet finish: Instead of a metal outside, These fireplaces are enclosed in MDF cabinets. These are the perfect choice for you if you're looking for a warm, inviting, cozier look.
  • Fireplaces in media chests/TV cabinets: An additional function that specific models of electric fireplaces can fulfill is that of a TV stand or media console. Even if they cost more, you get more features with them. We suggest Franklin Electric Fireplace TV Stand in Weathered Oak to enhance your living room beauty.
  • Electric stove: An electric stove has a metal body and a net screen, just like a traditional wood-burning stove.


In-Built Heater

A heater built into an electric fireplace is becoming increasingly rare. Most have an infrared heater or a heater with a fan.


The room is heated to a comfortable temperature by a built-in heater. You can turn off the AC and only heat the room that's being used.


Most electric fireplaces also have separate temperature and flame controls, so you can turn off the heater when it's comfortable and just enjoy the dancing flames.


Investigate the fireplace's heating system to ensure it suits your requirements. The most effective heaters is an infrared model. They are more energy efficient and silent than conventional convection heaters.


The heaters in modern electric fireplaces are often a combination of infrared and convection types.


The infrared rays from the heater are focused onto a heat exchanger composed of copper, ceramic, or another material. The air in the room is heated by the heat exchanger, which is subsequently dispersed by a fan.


Still, a hybrid heater is far more efficient and quieter than a full convention heater.



To decide on the size of your free-standing electric fireplace, first determine how much space you can spare. Before purchasing, measure the room and the electric fireplace you wish to buy to ensure they will fit.


Keep in mind that a large space might overwhelm a little electric fireplace. You need something much more solid to enhance the look of the place.


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