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Wall-mounted electric fireplaces provide you with the ambiance of a real fire without occupying valuable space.


To save time and effort, you can attach a wall-mounted electric fireplace to any flat wall in your house. These electric fireplaces may look thinner, but they produce a real flame effect and keep your home warm.


One brand that has earned an excellent reputation in the electric fireplace industry is Dimplex. We have selected 5 Dimplex wall-mount electric fireplaces that will be perfect for your home.

 dimplex wall mount electric fireplaces

Dimplex BLF50 Synergy: Most Energy-Efficient Wall Electric Fireplace

The Dimplex BLF50 Synergy is an excellent choice for a compact wall-mounted fireplace. More than that, it's the most efficient wall heater available. In a nutshell, it's compact, homey, and has the lowest operating costs.


The 4,198 BTU/h it produces makes it ideal as a secondary or supplemental heater in addition to the primary HVAC system. It can heat rooms to 400 square feet by itself.


Dimplex BLF50 Synergy is the greatest example of energy efficiency, saving "pennies a day" on your utility bills. The unit is extremely energy efficient, running on 600W (240V) or 1200W (120V) electricity. It's a delicate unit that will look classy in your living room.


Overall, the most compact and efficient built-in wall electric fireplace are the Dimplex BLF50 Synergy. It's the most energy-efficient way to make a home seem warm and inviting.


Dimplex Prism: The Psarkling Intensity of Colours

The 50-inch Dimplex Prism is a sleek and modern electric fireplace that can be mounted on the surface or partly or fully recessed into a wall.


The acrylic glass ember bed is available in four colors, and the flame effects are incredibly realistic. You can use the included remote to adjust the flame intensity and fan speed, but you can also turn off the heater entirely and enjoy the ambiance.


It features a built-in heater and can be hardwired or plugged into a regular electrical outlet using the plug.


Dimplex Wickson

The Wickson is another contemporary electric fireplace from Dimplex that uses the company's unique flame technology to create realistic flame effects.


It can be surface-mounted, partially recessed, or fully recessed, and it comes with a remote for controlling the heating and flames.


Dimplex Nicole

The Nicole, another electric fireplace from Dimplex, has a 43-inch screen and your choice of seven colors for the acrylic ice ember bed.


This fireplace can be mounted to the wall or used freestanding with the help of the provided stand; both the flames and the heater can be controlled with the included remote.


Final Words

Over the past few years, electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular, prompting many homeowners to remove their gas fireplaces in favor of the more affordable and environmentally friendly option.


With the rise of modern decor, electric fireplaces are now offered with glass doors that can be either curved or flat on the front.


Electric fireplaces are a cutting-edge innovation that will likely continue to develop for the foreseeable future.



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