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The fireplace has long ceased associating with old rustic houses, Gothic novels, and aristocracy. Now fireplaces are the perfect addition to any interior, an exquisite detail that will complete the design of any room. Fireplaces highlight their space and give the room a completely different aesthetic.

Napoleon fireplace by Wood Majestic is one of the trends and game-changer in the design industry. These fireplaces provide endless style possibilities and fit into any design. Let's see why and how they can fit into any aesthetic and elevate any design and room in your home.

Perfect customization

Fireplaces are no longer monotonous, gray giants that occupy a place between two large armchairs. Instead, modern fireplaces can fit into any style — industrial, vintage, rustic, farmhouse, minimalist, cottage core, or contemporary.

No matter the dominant design, color, or material — fireplaces can complement every space, elevate it and create a more substantial design identity for your home.

The number of adaptations is limitless:

  • Any unique shape or form;
  • Added gas or electric log sets;
  • Different flame patterns and heights; 
  • Adaptable brightness and heat intensity;
  • Various modern media kits;
  • Extra luxury decorative panels;

Fireplaces harmonize with any aesthetic and style. They can create a peaceful and cozy ambiance or a lively holiday spirit in the same space. The fireplace can fill the room with the crackle of wood or whisper about mysterious and distant lands.

Dance of materials

You will always be allowed to use matte, stone, or any panels of your choice with the interspersed forging of floral patterns. Take a look at your space and pick the material that will create the perfect statement piece:

  • Textures natural stone;
  • Royal and stunning marble;
  • An extraordinary pattern of tiles;

The fireplace can synergize with your style and tickle your sense of beauty. Whatever material you choose, attention to it is granted. Add a touch of marble elegance to your interior wonderland, or get a smoothly hewn stone to create a blank slate — one fireplace can show your impeccable taste in design and sense of beauty.

Whole color spectrum

The fireplace can merge with the wall, highlighting the magic of the flame, or become a bright spot attracting eyes from any room's corner.

There are three simple rules when choosing the accent color:

  • Use one color but different shades;
  • Match colors that are close on the color wheel;
  • Use colors that are across each other on the color wheel;

Add a fireplace mantel in a complementary shade and create a single cohesive look. Become an artist and create a stunning work of art right in your home.

Face the opportunities

Fireplaces have yet to have a clear rule about location or size. Everyone chooses the best-fitting option. Pick a classic fireplace — close to the floor with a standard shape — and complement the elegant aesthetic of the room. Or pick a more modern version, lifted a few inches from the floor or even higher. Fireplaces don't make you follow the rules. They push you to live by your rules and guidelines.

You may want to add one fireplace to two rooms at once. That's a charming mystery, a see-through fireplace that can go between two rooms. Thanks to the transparent glass dividers, you can enjoy the flame from any side of the wall. 

Free your imagination: create completely different designs and aesthetics in the rooms or complement each space and unite it with one detail. Transparent fireplaces are a statement piece in which function meets the aesthetics and creates a mesmerizing visual effect in two rooms.

Ideal for any occasion

Creativity is not limited to the functionality or appearance of the fireplace. The mantelpiece is another easel on which your imagination can paint any picture. Add a mantle, fill it with candles, vases with your favorite flowers, antique paintings, or family portraits. 

Revamp the décor, decorate it for the holidays, or put the trinkets close to your heart. The mantle is a solution that fits your home design perfectly and links the fireplace with the design of your home.

Endless horizons 

Napoleon's luxury fireplaces fit any interior and open endless horizons for those who care about their living space. 

Napoleon fireplaces are extraordinarily durable and customizable. They can complement a tranquil room or become that last detail in a bright space filled with noisy evenings and loud music.

Bring fresh and warm detail to our home, customize it, and enjoy the game with the flame.


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