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An electric fireplace may create the same ambiance as a real fire while being far more convenient. Built-in electric heating will keep you warm, and the electric fireplace's flame effects may simulate anything from a flickering ember bed to a full-blown blaze.

Many electric fireplaces have crackling log sounds and no emissions, making them safer than wood or gas fireplaces. The perfect electric fireplace, customized to your specifications, is within easy reach.

Fireplace inserts, wood-burning fireplaces, and wall-mount variants are available. They can even be purchased as a media center, which provides a stylish place to set up your television. 

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The only challenge is picking out the perfect fireplace for your space. Knowing how to measure your room's dimensions accurately will make it much easier to find the ideal fireplace for your home.

How Much Wall Space Do Fireplaces Require?

Your fireplace's dimensions should be appropriate for the space they occupy. Practical judgment is more important than any precise mathematical formula in this case. For instance, a small fireplace will be less noticeable in a huge living room. It's the exact opposite: a massive electric fireplace crammed into a tiny room. The sole focal point of the room is the fireplace. There won't be any room left for anything else.

It's important to consider the dimensions of the wall you intend to install your electric fireplace and the room's total square footage when determining the ideal wall space for your new fireplace. Fireplaces for smaller rooms should be compact, while larger ones should be more substantial.

Don't let small walls in big rooms fool you. Houses with open layouts typically have one large room that serves as a living area, dining area, and kitchen. Within the framework of the great room, these sections are usually separated by low walls. If you put a fireplace of any size on this wall, it will look overshadowed by the expanse of the room. The fireplace should be sizable in a house with such a comprehensive open layout. The best option is to choose a fireplace wall that can accommodate the size you need.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wall-mounted Fireplace?

People who prefer a sleek, streamlined, built-in aesthetic often choose wall-mounted electric fireplaces. This fireplace style provides a contemporary look without taking up any extra room.

Consider several factors when deciding on the best wall-mounted fireplace for your house or apartment.

Some things to consider are;

  • Would you like to make a hole in the wall? How much space will you add to the fireplace if you do that?
  • Do you plan on extending the wall to make room for the fireplace? If so, how far do you plan on extending it into the space?
  • Would you rather have it built into the wall or have it freestanding?
  • How about a television mounted over the mantle?
  • Do you need or want the heat from the fireplace?

Knowing the depth of your desired fireplace is important if you intend to modify the wall or extend it to make room for it. Modern options are as narrow as 4" and as deep as 17" for built-in installation. 

Simple Tutorial for Creating In-Built Fireplace Wall 

Before making any purchases, it is important to know the maximum depth your wall will allow.


A fireplace and a media wall can be beautiful additions to a home. It's a stylish solution for accommodating your television, fireplace, and other electronic equipment and enhancing the aesthetic value of your living room or bedroom. The design possibilities are extensive, but getting started can be overwhelming.

This helpful manual will show you every step of creating a media wall that is tailor-made, one-of-a-kind, and aesthetically pleasing for any room in your home or office.

Step 1: Design Idea

The first step in the design process is developing an idea. We think Instagram and Pinterest are great places to look for ideas. For innovative ideas, click here.

Step 2: Wall Dimension

Measure the wall you intend to use for reference. Get the exact dimensions of the TV you intend to use.

  • The next step is to measure the space where the fireplace and TV will be placed.
  • Get the proper tools and equipment (timber frame, MDF)
  • Make a plan for a timber frame to scale.
  • Select the required dimensions for the stud wall and MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) board.
  • Finish the wooden structure with MDF.

Step 3: Make a layout for how the lights will be displayed and installed if you have any.

Step 4: Get rid of the old fireplace if you have one.

Step 5: Start Constructing

  • First, screw the base structure to the wall.
  • After the foundation is in place, the fireplace insert can be installed.
  • Ensure that the recess is designed properly.
  • Place the fireplace in the opening and secure it to the timber frame using the screw brackets on either side.
  • A top frame should be built from the top of the chimney to the ceiling.
  • You should use wood screws to secure the upper framework to the wall and roof.
  • Put wood screws into the wall and secure all components.

Step 6: Adjust any lighting around the TV or media wall alcoves as needed.

  • Installing LED lighting is a breeze. If you cannot set up the electrical fixtures and outlets yourself, you should hire an electrician.
  • Place the wires in the correct orientation within the frame.
  • Before proceeding, make sure they are functional.

Step 7: Cover the wooden frame with the MDF sheets.

Step 8: Customize the PDF by adding color to the individual panels

Start with an MDF primer, then paint with emulsion. Try out our latest electric fireplace collection here.

Step By Step Guide to Install the Build Fireplace

There is a growing trend toward installing electric fireplaces into the new and existing design. It is necessary to make a few structural adjustments, such as cutting a hole in the wall and adding some wiring. To help you set up your new built-in electric fireplace, this guide will go over the tips for tools, space requirements, and procedures you'll need.

  • It is recommended that a minimum distance of three feet be left between the fireplace's front and any flammable goods.
  • The minimum distance to combustibles for the remainder of the fireplace is between 2 and 1/4 inches.
  • Ensure the fireplace is in working order before installing it by plugging it in and testing the heat and lighting.
  • See if the wall cutout requirements match the specifications of your installation guide. Typically, it is a quarter of an inch bigger than the firebox. You can use regular drywall and wooden studs.
  • Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with an electrical connection that can be plugged into an existing outlet inside the wall (if allowed by your local code). Most models are also ready to be hardwired, so you can cut the cord and install a permanent connection instead. A professional electrician should be consulted for both jobs.
  • This may require more than one person to accomplish. To install the fireplace, you must lift it, insert it into the opening, and level it.
  • Insert screws through the top and either side of the unit and into the wall studs to secure it.
  • You can expect beautiful logs, fire glass, or other media to be included in your fireplace purchase. After mounting it on the wall, you may put it in the fireplace and flip the switch whenever you choose.
  • The process is now complete. The fireplace will be complete once the front glass panel is in place.

Finding the Right Fireplace for Your Entertainment Wall

The fireplace is often considered the focal point of a media wall since it can unify a space's aesthetic and put you at ease with its colorful flames. In any case, before settling on an electric fireplace, make sure to ask yourself the following;

  • Will it fit on the media wall: Some fireplaces are meant to be hung on the wall, while others are made to fit within a wall or other recess. A fireplace inset into the wall is your best bet if you're going for a minimalist design.
  • How much heat does it produce?: Despite their differences in size and design, all fireplaces rely on heat to keep their users comfortable. It is important that the heat is dispersed throughout the space and not allowed to escape through the walls. One option for doing so is using an inset fire that has a front heater built into it.
  • What does the fireplace look like?: In addition to their practical value as heat sources, electric fireplaces can be stunning design elements in your home. They serve not only to look good but also to set the mood you desire. However, it should also complement the furnishings near the TV and media wall. It's important to consider the media wall as a whole when designing the individual components.
  • How much room must be left between the mantle and the wall around the fireplace?: To find out how much room you need to leave around the fire, consult the electric fireplace's user manual. Thankfully, electric heaters are fireproof and direct their heat outward rather than back toward the walls. To determine whether you need additional clearance space behind, above, and below the fire, you must consult the manufacturer's guide.


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