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Spring is here, and it's the best time to spend time outdoors with your loved ones. Imagine a family sitting on cozy sofas around a Gas Fire Pit, and their faces glowing in the ember light of the fire. It's the picture-perfect scenario you can create in your backyard this spring. How?


Wood Majestic can deliver you the perfect gas fire pit sitting at home by purchasing from our online store. Why gas fire pits and not wood?


To put in simple words Gas fire pits have some distinctive perks over wood ones. Gas burns cleaner than wood, whether natural or propane, and thus produces less choking smoke. Gas fire pits outdoors create a more pleasant experience than the black smoke of the wood fire pits. Most importantly, gas fire pits are easy to ignite and control the heat.


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5 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Gas Fire Pit This Spring

Do you own a gas fire pit?


It's spring and time to blow the dust and uncover these beautiful fire pits to enhance your backyard beauty this spring, and plan a get-together.


However, when preparing your gas fire pit for an outdoor retreat, you need to take a few precautions to ensure that it's safe to operate. Follow our simple 5 step program, and you'll be igniting your superb fire pit in no time.


Before we proceed, if you don't have a gas fire pit yet, we have just the right place to shop. Wood Majestic has an extensive collection of Gas Fire Pits from reliable providers at a very reasonable price.



Step 1: Uncovering and Cleaning

If you live in cold weather, then there are high chances that your gas fire pit is covered for a long time.


The first step is to uncover your gas fire pit and let the airflow. If you are one of those who cover their fire pit with a separate cover, you need to remove that one.


Remove all the dirt, leaves, ash, critters, or other bugs trapped inside and outside your burner area. Make sure to clean your vents, so your fire pit airflow is not obstructed. Any debris left in the gas fire pit will result in burning that could cause damage to your fire pit and create an unpleasant odor.


A thorough clean-up is very crucial for your fire pit maintenance. It's time to give your media a rinse! Remove any fire glass in your fire pit before rinsing and let it air dry before putting it back. Wipe down the interior, exterior, base, accessories, and burner area thoroughly. Our gas fire pits come with detailed maintenance manuals that will help you clean.


While cleaning, take an inventory of any rust, cracks, holes, or other damage to the exterior or interior of the fire pit and order the replacement parts from Wood Majestic.

Step 2: Does The Surrounding Need CHanging?

Take a look at the surrounding of the gas fire pit. Have you made any changes in your landscape, or are there any overgrown plants nearby? To operate your gas fire pit safely, it is important to notice that there is no combustible furniture around. If you have placed new furniture or decorations around the fire pit, we recommend changing the location of the fire pit or your furniture.


Your fire pit must have enough airflow to operate safely away from any low-hanging trees or plants nearby. It's advisable to clear at least 20 to 25 feet around the fire pit to avoid mishaps.


Be mindful of these safety measures:

  • There should not be any trees nearby
  • Cut any low hanging plants over the fire pit
  • Remove any overhead decoration like awning
  • Don't place any furniture too close to the fire pit
  • It's recommended placing the fire pit away from the house
  • The gas fire pit should be placed on a flat surface.


Prism Hardscapes PH-436 Lombard Concrete Gas Fire Pit Bowl,29x29-Inch

Step 3: What Needs To Be Replaced?

Keeping your gas fire pits covered maintains their beauty and function during the colder months; cleaning may reveal dents, pits, holes, corrosion, or damaged components.


Make an inventory of any defective or damaged fire pit pieces. We suggest buying all of your replacement components as soon as possible to guarantee that your fire pit is ready to use when spring comes!


Furthermore, it's always better to use a registered gas technician who can maintain your fire pit securely and effectively for any repairs or replacements.

Step 4: Your Ignition Requires Special Attention

Due to the lack of mechanical components, manual ignition systems need little to no care.


When using a match-lit or push-button spark ignition, inspect the burner and burner pan for dust, cobwebs, and other debris, and look for any indications of damage. You'll need to change the battery of your push-button ignition device.


If you use Liquid Propane as your fuel, inspect your gas line for leakage, kinks, cracks, lacerations, and the gas shutdown valve and air mixer. Check out your pilot light to ensure it's working properly. You may need to replace it if it's not working properly.


Aside from the fact that electronic ignitions are more complicated than manual systems, they also involve important components that aren't usually visible or readily accessible.


As a result, we strongly advise that you get your electronic ignition system inspected and serviced by a licensed gas technician. When it comes to inspecting your ignition system, only a trained expert will know which components to look at and how to get to them without causing any damage.

Step 5: Take Baby Steps

Before turning up the heat on your gas fire pit, you'll need to start it on a low setting. Always turn off all control knobs before trying to start your fire pit.


When testing your fire pit, check no one is around, particularly youngsters and dogs. The fire pit will reignite pretty quickly when your gas supply is restored.


We also suggest keeping a compact fire extinguisher nearby when you test-light your fire pit in case of any unexpected problems.


Stop immediately if you hear weird noises after lighting your fire pit, such as gurgling sounds! Your gas line might be jammed with dirt or clogged with water.



Turn off your gas and contact a skilled gas technician to properly clean your gas line and inspect the connecting points to your fire pit.

Final Words

If you like gas fire pits in your backyard giving a calming ambience Wood Majestic have just the right product for you. You can also try our electric fireplaces range for the cold climate when you like to stay warm indoors.


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