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Dimplex Electric Fireplaces 0 Results

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Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Since 1991, Dimplex has been setting the standard for quality and innovation in the electric fireplace market with its cutting-edge technology, skilled artistry, and unrivaled sense of realism. It's no surprise Dimplex is credited with being the first company to develop a realistic electric fireplaces similar to "wood burning" flame effect.

Resulting in over 30 patents, Dimplex's engineers are constantly innovating electric fireplace technology, including award-winning breakthroughs such as the Comfort$aver ceramic heater; Multi-Fire XD realistic flame technologies, Opti Myst, and the Revillusion flame technology.

You can enjoy the ambiance and pleasure of a gas or wood fireplace without the hassle of maintaining it. Dimplex electric fireplace industry is the best in the business, thanks to their realistic media bed accessories and industry-leading flame effect technology. When choosing a mantel for your home, it doesn't matter if you want something sleek and contemporary or more classic and simple.


Gas or Electric Fireplace Which Should You Choose?

You can find gas and electric fireplaces in various styles, sizes, and prices. It's up to you whether or not you like the sight of realistic flames over the artificial kind.

Fueled by propane or natural gas, gas fireplaces have the same look and feel as traditional wood-burning ones.


Electric heater fireplaces use visuals of burning wood instead of flames. You can even find a certain version of electric fireplaces that includes crackling fire audios. 


If you like an electric fireplace in your living room to enhance the aesthetic, let us recommend Opti-Myst 40" Pro. It comes with all the advanced technology remote, audio and much more.

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