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Square Electric Fireplaces 36 Results

Square Electric Fireplaces 36 Results

Dimplex 33” Slim Line Built-In Firebox

Dimplex 33” Slim Line Built-In Firebox

$1,069.99 Regular price $1,199.99

Dimplex 39-In Purifire Deluxe Built-in Electric Fireplace

Dimplex 39-In Purifire Deluxe Built-in Electric Fireplace

$1,099.99 Regular price $1,289.99

Multi-Fire XHD™ Firebox with Logs 33-Inches - XHD33L- Dimplex

Multi-Fire XHD™ Firebox with Logs 33-Inches - XHD33L- Dimplex

$999.99 Regular price $1,239.99

Multi-Fire XHD Electric Fireplace Insert-28-Inch-Dimplex

Multi-Fire XHD Electric Fireplace Insert-28-Inch-Dimplex

$949.99 Regular price $1,029.99

Square Electric Fireplace

Are you still owning a traditional wood-burning fireplace? 

It's time to upgrade your existing fireplace to a no-smoke, environmentally friendly and classy-looking electric fireplace. These electric fireplaces are the healthier alternative to the traditional ones with tons of benefits, including;

  1. No Smoke
  2. Low Maintenance
  3. Energy Efficient
  4. Money Saving
  5. Extended Lifespan
  6. Multiple choices
  7. Safe to use
  8. Aesthetically more appealing
  9. Usable year around
  10. Safe for minors

Electric fireplaces come in different shapes and styles, like a stove, insert, wall mount, basket, and radiant bar. However, this article will focus on the best square electric fireplaces available. 

Dimplex 33" Slim Line Built-In Firebox

The Dimplex BFSL33 Slim Line 33-Inch Built-In Electric Fireplace are easy-to-install electric fireplace inserts that will complement your preferred living space.

Dimplex trademark, realistic flame effect, and all-LED lighting are standard in this built-in fireplace's sleek design. The remote control, replaceable trim kit, mesh screen, and big 738 square-inch display surface make this fireplace the epitome of modern convenience and luxury. 

Dimplex Featherston Electric Fireplace

Electric heaters from Featherston Electric Fireplace come with a faux-stone mantel, a 26" heater, and a 1-year guarantee. The Featherston electric fireplace has a stone mantel, an on/off remote, and Dimplex's revolutionary flame technology. This electric fireplace heater uses far too little energy to provide rapid warmth at a low cost.

The fireplace will give your fir lodge a vintage look with a cozy atmosphere. Add the fireplace to your living room this Christmas and enjoy warm memories with your family.

Dimplex 30 Inch Revillusion Built-In Electric Fireplace

The Revillusion series reinvents electric fireplaces. Each unit has a wood-burning fireplace with a direct view of the brick interior.

The new Weathered Concrete Series expands on the trendsetting Revillusion® ThruViewTM full-depth design while achieving a more modern tone. The realistic flames stand out dramatically against the poured concrete's subtle design and neutral color. This inventive twist on an industrial material is a great way to incorporate a cool, urban chic touch into any setting.

Manchester Concrete Fire Table

If you want to add warmth and style to your outdoor gathering space, go no further than the Prism Hardscapes Manchester Fire Table. The table's exterior is crafted from Brazilian hardwood, while the interior is made from fiberglass-reinforced cement, making it both durable and attractive. Unlike other burners, the stainless steel hexagonal burner won't degrade over time due to rust or corrosion.

Largo 96 Concrete Fire Table 

To complement your ideal outdoor living space, choose the Prism Hardscapes PH-487 Largo Concrete Gas Fire Pit, 96x96-Inch. The Largo fire pit by Prism Hardscapes is one of the best outdoor fire features available since it is made of glass fiber-reinforced cement and then given a custom handcrafted patina finish. The stainless steel burner and burner pan in this 96-inch square fire pit can generate a steady blaze of up to 125,000 BTUs. The Largo's compact height of 16 inches makes it ideal for use around a fire or as a stylish accent in your contemporary backyard. Prism Hardscapes provides top-notch craftsmanship and a wide range of color options to complement any setting.

Quad Powder Coated Fire Pit

Simple and elegant designs are the building blocks of the Quad Powder Coated Fire Pit. The Quad will be a stunning focal point in your garden thanks to its square shape and compact design.

The fire pit is built to last and withstand various weather conditions and terrains. 

Finish your outdoor space with the Ramona GFRC Concrete Square Fire Pit Table, which measures 36 inches. With the highest quality materials and the quickest turnaround times in the business, you can count on The Outdoor Plus's goods, which are crafted by hand and proudly manufactured in the United States of America. The Fire Pit Table from Outdoor Plus is made with a special combination of concrete colored to match your preferences and strengthened with glass fibers. Knowing this can ease your mind during a break or fall is a relief.

Piazza Concrete Fire Table

Your fire table can be purchased in several different finishes, making it easy to complement your current patio furniture. The Piazza Fire Table by Prism Hardscapes is made of fiberglass-reinforced cement and has a unique and elegant finish. The fire table offers ample heat and an attractive appearance, but the addition of 54 pounds of lava rock accentuates both aspects. Easy access to the manual key valve on the work surface ensures a smooth procedure.

Square Cabo Fire Pit

The Outdoor Plus's Cabo Square Fire Pit is a stunning and efficient addition to any patio or backyard. Since it's made out of stainless steel, it's built to last. The final step is to apply the powder coat on the manufactured item. You can't go wrong with this fire pit as a decorative element in your outdoor area. Steel's polish makes it aesthetically pleasing. A properly maintained fire pit may serve your family for many years.

Olympian Square 4-Way Spill Copper

If you're looking for a stunning fire and water spillway for your outdoor space, go no further than the TOP Fires by The Outdoor Plus OPT-OLS60 Olympian Square 4-Way Fire and Water Bowl. The four (4) spillways around the bowl's perimeter give it a sophisticated look. The detached unit can be finished off at your leisure or used immediately. The bowl measures 30 inches square and comes with a fire pan, burner (made of 304 stainless steel), hose (with no whistle), nipple, and lava rock. The 60x60-inch tank has an autofill feature, a water drain with a valve, a circulation pump that runs 24 hours a day, a 50-square-foot water filter, and four LED lights. 

Deluxe Built In Fireplace

This beautiful firebox is built to save floor space while giving you the comfort of a traditional fireplace. This firebox is in a league thanks to its realistic brick facade, convenient built-in manual switches, and autonomous flame and heater controls. In addition to the thermostat, you can install a wall switch to regulate the flame's intensity. The firebox is available with either glass doors or a clear glass front.

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