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We collect reviews, photos, and videos from our customers to help you make an educated decision when purchasing our fireplaces, fire pits, patio heaters and other products.

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Love it !!

Definitely worth the mine in the ebony!!

Enjoying the heater!

I appreciate the efficiency of the Huum Drop Electric Sauna Heater. The powerful performance, combined with the stylish appearance, creates an inviting and comfortable sauna environment that I look forward to every time. :)

Perfect match for my sauna! Thanks! :)

Huum's Steel Electric Sauna Heater has turned my sauna into a haven of relaxation. The consistent heat, efficient operation, and modern design make it a focal point that elevates my sauna! :)

Worth every penny! :)

I super delighted with the efficiency of the Huum Hive Wood Burning Sauna Heater. The quick warm-up time, the even distribution of heat, and the option to customize the experience make it an essential component for a perfect sauna session.

The clear assembly instructions made putting the machine together a breeze, and any concerns I had were addressed with courtesy and professionalism. It's reassuring to know that they stand behind their product, Thank you Wood majestic!

Despite a less-than-perfect delivery experience with the EXM4000S, I can't help but gush about the product itself. The home gym is a dream, providing a full-body workout at my convenience. The delivery hassles are forgotten every time I step onto this impressive piece of fitness equipment.

Satisfied with my heater and happy with the service of Wood Majestic! Thank you. :)

My Huum Heat Sauna Heater is a design marvel. The sleek lines, the minimalist aesthetic, and the efficiency in heating make it not just a heater but a statement piece that enhances the overall ambiance of my sauna.

The fireplace heats up quickly and gives off good heat I have a large living room dining room combined and heated up my entire area sufficiently. The fireplace is beautiful and of good quality. I’m extremely happy with the way it looks and I highly recommend this company.

I really like this insert! Bought a house with no fireplace last year after living in condo with gas fireplace and house with wood burning fireplace previous to that.

This fireplace is located in my office and gives off perfect heat. The settings on the remote work exactly as described. The only assembly required is to place the acrylic stones on the bed, and to attach the screen glass face, which has 2 hooks that it easily slides on and hooks. Beautiful fireplace insert.

Napoleon 74-In Alluravision Slim Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - NEFL74CHS
Sheila B.

Love that we were able to flush it into the wall without a problem. We dropped this in a white quartz wall in a high end home. Stunning and works great this far!

Installed 2 of the 4000 watt heaters and am very impressed. Great product. One word amazing , thank you!!!

Napoleon 60-in TriVista Primis Electric Fireplace - NEFB60H-3SV
Raquel C.

Was very easy to install. I was alot of work as a customer changing my order sveral times. All of the staff were very patient with me and we very seldom even turn on the TV.

I’m in the film/tv industry and one thing that bothers me about these electric fireplaces is unrealistic looking fire effects. This one has really nailed it and at an unbelievable price. I love this thing and highly recommend it.

Napoleon 60-in TriVista Primis Electric Fireplace - NEFB60H-3SV
Tonya S.

Install was a breeze. Fireplace arrived in good condition. Looks great in my cigar lounge! We couldn't have chosen a better fireplace, realistic flame, great heat output, and a beautiful modern design. Thank you!

Great fireplace, works as described. I saw someone’s review say the flames don’t work because they don’t move. Mine move and work just fine. Puts out a good amount of heat. I wish it would heat faster but my room is larger.

Napoleon 74-In Alluravision Slim Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - NEFL74CHS
Daisy M.

Love this fireplace! The thin frame is so much more aesthetic than the cheaper, thicker ones. Definitely worth the money. We switched from a gas fireplace and I enjoy using it all year long now! When we do turn the heat on the output far exceeded my expectations. Considering buying a second one to put in our basement!

I love it! :)

The outstanding customer service from Wood Majestic is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Their support, responsiveness, and overall positive attitude made the process of acquiring the Huum Hive Sauna Heater a truly pleasurable one! Thank you!

Bought to replace another 26” Dimplex insert-but this one wasn’t tall enough! Was able to make due by setting it on some bricks. Works great though-provides great supplemental heat! Recommend double checking the size of all your sides rather than just going by 26 inch!

I had my wood-burning fireplace remodeled and replaced with a very sleek modern one I wanted to install electric had never used one before had no idea what to expect and thought I was going to have the marble luck with the little flame I got online found this and love it it was easy to install and fun to use it puts out heat if I want it and not when I don’t want it

We couldn’t be more pleased with this fireplace. Very realistic flames. The heater works well. We only needed it for supplemental heat. Easy installation as well. I would buy this exact unit again.

Finally got this installed in my new construction home. Just what I was looking for and couldn’t be happier. Many options to chose from with lighting color and media depending on the style of your home. Heater works well too.

My wife love it for xmas. We flushed it into a wall, we like the different options in color, very nice without spending thousands. I recommend this to my friends.

Wasn’t 100% certain we needed this. My husband shared some YouTube videos of the Arteflame in action and got me on board. Yes, it is pricey but YES! It is 100% worth every penny. Fast shipping, top notch craftsmanship, and it is beautiful! We’ve used it to make the most amazing steaks with a perfect sear/crust, a complete fajita dinner and enjoy it as a fire pit as well. So glad my husband encouraged this purchase and look forward to years of enjoyment.

The privacy screen is a plus++++

I love love love this CLEARion Elite Electric fireplace. My contractor just finished creating an open concept kitchen in my house and installing it in the living room/Master Bedroom wall. It’s perfect...I can enjoy it while laying on my bed or while the kitchen or great room!!!

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