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Winslow 42-In Wall Mount Electric Linear Fireplace - SWM4220

by Dimplex,
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Product Overview

  • Made in the USA

  • Warranty Length: 2 Years

  • Assembly Required: Yes. Easy to Install

  • Remote control included

  • Heat Output: 5,118 | 8,530 BTU's

  • Adjustable Flame

  • Feature: Multicolor Flame

  • Efficient Energy Saving

  • Safe For Kids & Pets: Cool Screen Touch

  • Safe to use & Pollution free

  • Decorative: Works With or Without Heat

  • Fuel Type: Electric


The Winslow wall mount fireplaces are the perfect solution for any space. With the option of easily mounting to the wall, or attaching the table top stand, you will never have a problem finding the right place for the Winslow. With heat venting at the bottom of the fireplace, you can have peace of mind that your electronics are safe above. Switch between three included bed options - go contemporary with vibrant crystals, traditional with logs or choose a more adaptable option with pebbles for a traditional or contemporary look. Create that cozy feeling with the touch of a button by adding a colour glow behind your fireplace, or changing the colour of the ember bed, logs and flames. The Winslow Series provides that clean and smooth finished look with the curved glass.

What's included

  • ✔ Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
  • ✔ Multi-Function Remote


  • ✔ Wall or tabletop installment options
  • ✔ Side strip lighting for unique glow effect
  • ✔ Supplemental heat for 1,000 Sq. Ft.
  • ✔ Bottom vent heater for safe electronic installation above unit
  • ✔ Media bed options included: logs, pebbles, and crystals
  • ✔ Flame color options: yellow, blue, yellow/blue and color cycling
  • ✔ Multi-function remote control included

Benefits of electric fireplace:

  • ✔ Energy-efficient
  • ✔ Cost-effective
  • ✔ Low-maintenance
  • ✔ Little-to-no clearance requirements
  • ✔ No installation restrictions
  • ✔ No smoke, harmful byproducts, or emissions
  • ✔ Long-lasting - won’t corrode from high-heat exposure like wood or gas fireplaces
  • ✔ Hassle-free installation - Simply plug it in
  • ✔ A variety of styles to choose from (traditional, linear, built-in, free-standing, etc.)
  • ✔ Completely safe - no fire, stays cool to the touch
  • ✔ Flames can operate separately from heat - great focal point for all season

Winslow 42-In Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - SWM4220 

The Winslow Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is a stylish and contemporary unit that is sure to bring both decorative and functional appeal to your space. The flickering flames create a calming ambiance that can be enjoyed year-round either with or without the heater engaged. It can be surface mounted on a wall like a picture or placed on top of a table using the included stand. The unit features a curved glass front that adds to the modern aesthetic of the fireplace. The Winslow offers a four color combination in flame effects, ranging from yellow, blue, yellow/blue and color cycling. Additionally, the ember bed is able to alternate between 4 colours and 3 media options of vibrant crystals, traditional logs or pebbles. For an added appeal to the overall visual effect, there is side strip lighting to provide a rear glowing effect.

The Winslow utilizes a 4777 BTU heater to produce supplemental heat for areas up to 1000 Sq. Ft. in size. Control the built-in thermostat using your included remote control. You can also use the touch screen controls conveniently located on the bottom right side of the glass.

  • ✔  Quiet when working
  • ✔  No smells
  • ✔  Long Lasting product.
  • ✔  No mess or dirt 
  • ✔  Relaxing atmosphere guaranteed 

    This Product has created in accordance to the highest quality standards and meet the CSA Certificate & Design certificate


    This product is made in the USA to bring you the fastest lead times in the industry.

    Product Dimensions

    • ✔ 42" W x 18.1" H x 5" D


    • ✔ Height: 18.1 Inches
    • ✔ Width: 42 Inches
    • ✔ Depth: 5 Inches
    • ✔ Weight: 37 lbs
    • ✔ Fuel Type: Electric
    • ✔ Installation Type: Wall Mounted, Tabletop
    • ✔ BTU Heating: 5118
    • ✔ Wattage Heating: 1,400
    • ✔ Coverage Area: 1,000 Sq. Ft.
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    Weight & Specifications

    • ✔ Height: 18.1 Inches
    • ✔ Width: 42 Inches
    • ✔ Depth: 5 Inches
    • ✔ Weight: 37 lbs
    • ✔ Fuel Type: Electric
    • ✔ Installation Type: Wall Mounted, Tabletop
    • ✔ BTU Heating: 5118
    • ✔ Wattage Heating: 1,400
    • ✔ Coverage Area: 1,000 Sq. Ft.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Gilbert K.

    This fireplace is just what we needed to make our living room complete. Installation was quick and easy and the instructions were easy to understand and follow. I love that it can be used with or without the heat turned on so it can be used year round. The remote makes it very easy to turn off and on without having to get up, and I love that the ember bed and flame colors can be changed to fit your mood or décor. We decided to mount it on the wall, but it can also be sat on a tabletop with the included stand. It gives off just the right amount of heat for our needs for the living room and dining room areas of our home. My only complaint is that the instructions didn't have any information on the remote settings/functions, so I just had to figure it out myself. It would've been nice to have information on how each button on the remote worked. Other than that, this is a great fireplace that I would recommend to anyone.

    Marie K.

    This was definitely a great purchase. I love the curved shape, it hugs the wall. It has a-lot of color variations and the back lit feature is cool. It gives off a good amount of heat also. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    David M.

    This is a great-looking product from Wood Majestic. We have only just installed it and built this mantel, but it looked great when we tested it out and the heat works well too!!!

    Linda S.

    Overall, I am very happy with the Winslow Fireplace heater (42 inch). The “fireplace” heating system is easy to assemble, and easy to install. It has the following very high end features: - the multiple colors for the surrounding light and flames are great. They give any home a traditional or modern look. There are various flame options, options to make the the base light up, and even a surrounding light options on the exterior perimeter. ( see photos). - options for “logs” stones, or glass rocks give an awesome variety of tones you want to set for your room. These are just basic plastic, marble, and foam materials. You do have to store the “wood fire place” in some place where it can not break as it is be fragile. In order to change out these options, you need a drill to remove the glass casing which makes it quick and easier for this smaller heater. - temperature control space heater and a vent blower option which has a low volume. - a touch screen that’s on the fireplace and remote control option if needed. I misplace remotes so I love the touch screen commands. The fact that you this product is essentially a light show with a space heater works in its favor since it’s easier to maintain and more child friendly than if this is were a gas heater or something with heat bulbs. This heater was placed in our office which gets colder than most rooms, and the heater gets it warm in about 20 min and keeps us from freezing during virtual work days. The setup instructions are mainly composed of photos that are easy to interpret. My one complaint is the molly-bolts are a plastic cones that need a big pilot hole drilled into your wall before they can be screwed in. It is very easy to break off the heads of the these plastic cones. If that happens and you cannot use what’s left of the cone that’s in the hole you will have to get a replacement and make a new hole. This happened to me but I was able to use what was left of the plastic cone to install the mount. Even with this, however, the fireplace was still very sturdy as we test it for vibration with our treadmill not too far off in the room. I highly recommend this beautiful “fireplace” heater for any room or apartment. It works amazingly well for us, and it’s a good scenic view to look at.

    Liliana B.

    This Winslow heater makes a great features to the room. It has a temperature control so you can set how warm you want. It creates a great ambiance it gives a wonderful glow of colors it comes with logs rocks or glass comes with a remote so you can change the colors of the logs or the fire behind. Easy to install looks great under the TV.

    Katharine R.

    I founf it has a terrible instructions. I did not know we had to go online for the remote instructions! The unit's is great once you figure out how to put it together.

    Novella D.

    First one showed up with the front glass completely shattered, it spilled out all over the floor and could have injured someone. The replacement arrived fine. Set up is easy and it looks great. Unfortunately the fan that runs on the heat setting is incredibly loud and rattles. It’s in my bedroom, so this is very disappointing. I’d say for the price, it’s just “ok” but expect a lot of fan noise that spoils any quiet crackling fire effect it might have otherwise had.

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