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Electric Fireplaces 195 Results

Electric Fireplaces 195 Results

Electric Fireplaces 

Compared to wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces provide several advantages, including increased energy efficiency and reduced mess, making them a popular choice for homes and businesses alike.

In contrast to traditional fireplaces, which use gas or solid fuels like firewood or coal, electric fireplaces are powered by electricity.  Most electric fireplaces can be turned on by plugging them into a nearby electrical outlet.

Because of this, manufacturers have created a wide variety of electric fireplaces that can be installed in just about every room in the house.

With high in demands many manufacture have start creating innovatie electric fireplaces. You can find tons of electric fireplace online on sites like Wood Majestic or offline if you like going on a shoppinf spree. Check out our latest collection of the electric fireplaces if you don't know where to start.

To get you started we have created this quick guide to know everything about electric places beofre making a purchase. 

What You Should Know About an Electric Fireplace?

Before purchasing an electric fireplace there re few things you should know about these convenient heating devices. 

  • Electric fireplaces are powered entirely by electricity and, in most cases, need to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.
  • Standard electric outlets are all that's needed to power them, and they come with the necessary cords and plugs.
  • If you have an electric fireplace, don't use an extension cord; instead, connect it into a regular wall socket.
  • Some electric fireplaces require a plug-kit or additional wiring to be connected to your home's electrical system, however both are usually included with the purchase of the fireplace.
  • An electric fireplace replicates a fire, but the flames are fake.
  • Inside the fireplace is a collection of revolving mirrors that reflect light onto the front of the device to create the illusion of flames.
  • Most flames in modern electric fireplaces are made with LED lights, but some may still use halogen bulbs, which usually need to be replaced every couple of years.
  • Usually expensive electric fireplaces like Opti-Myst Pro Built-In Linear Electric Firebox feature more realistic flames than the low budget models
  • Most modern electric fireplaces also have a built-in heater to complement the ambiance created by the faux flames.
  • While most electric fireplaces employ a fan-forced heater, some costlier versions also include the option of an infrared heater.
  • In most cases, infrared heaters in electric fireplaces can warm a bigger area than conventional fan heaters.
  • Electric fireplaces are easy to maintain and clean since they don't become as dirty as traditional fireplaces.
  • Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric models don't produce any waste and may be installed without a venting system.
  • Electric fireplaces aren't hot to the touch everywhere, but the area right in front of the heater is usually warm.
  • Typically, they are crafted from a hybrid material consisting of metal and plastic.
  • Except for those specially designed for use in outdoor settings, electric fireplaces should not be installed in the open air.
  • A remote control, thermostat, and timer are standard accessories for electric fireplaces.
  • Most electric fireplaces have a one-year warranty, but consumers can buy additional years of coverage at the time of purchase.

Electric Fireplaces Variations

You can choose a fireplace that is ready to use right out of the box, one that needs only a little bit of assembly, or one that requires a bit more work from you (or hire a professional installer).

Now all you have to do is decide on a design for your fireplace. Let's define electric fireplace variations.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

Installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace couldn't be simpler; just mount the device to the wall, or better yet, build it into the wall.

Built-In Electric Fireplaces

Low-profile mounting solutions allow built-in electric fireplaces to blend in with the decor of your choice.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric inserts, unlike typical gas or wood fireplaces, are designed to fit into an already existing space or fireplace opening.

Linear Wall Fireplaces

The linear wall fireplace is now the most cutting-edge and popular option for a fireplace. They stretch the length of the wall and include a thin row of realistic flames. 

Square Electric Fireplace

Square electric fireplace are the most common choice in the market as they are don’t require much space to fit and are cost friendly. 

TV Stand/Mantel Electric Fireplaces

A classic fireplace appearance with a beautiful surround could be achieved with an electric fireplace that has a freestanding mantle.

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