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Sorrento Concrete Fire Bowl w/ PH Igniter + Free Cover ✓ [Prism Hardscapes] PH-438-FB - 29-Inches

Introducing the Sorrento Concrete Fire Bowl with PH Igniter by Prism Hardscapes, a captivating addition to elevate your outdoor ambiance. Measuring 29 inches, this fire bowl provides a cozy and warm atmosphere for your outdoor ... read more
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Vendor: Prism Hardscapes
Product Type: Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl
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Product Overview

  • Made in the USA

  • Handmade Product

  • Warranty Length: 2 Years

  • Assembly Required: Yes. Easy to Install

  • Heat Output: 65,000 | 85,000 BTU's

  • Adjustable Flame

  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas, Propane


The Sorrento Concrete Fire Bowl with PH Igniter by Prism Hardscapes is a stunning addition to your outdoor space, offering both elegance and convenience. This 29-inch fire bowl is more than just a practical piece; it's a work of art designed to elevate your outdoor experience, and it even includes a free cover to protect your investment.

What's Included

  • Fire Bowl
  • Free Waterproof Custom Cover
  • Free 40/lb lava rock - PH214


  • Sorrento Concrete Fire Bowl with PH Igniter by Prism Hardscapes, 29 inches: Enhances outdoor ambiance.
  • Prism Hardscapes Craftsmanship: Showcases the unique Prism Hardscapes finish for added elegance.
  • Compact Size: Ideal for various outdoor spaces, patios, or decks.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality concrete for long-lasting performance and stability.
  • User-Friendly Ignition: Features the convenient PH Igniter for easy fire starting.
  • Flame Customization: Adjust the flame height to set the desired mood and warmth.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with flame sensors and automatic shut-off for added security.
  • Free Cover Included: Protect your fire bowl when not in use with the included cover.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep to preserve its aesthetic charm.
  • Modern Design: Complements various outdoor decor styles with its contemporary look.
  • Effortless Setup: Includes all essential components for straightforward installation.
  • Manufacturer's Assurance: Backed by a manufacturer's warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Cozy Evenings: Create a cozy atmosphere for outdoor gatherings with this fire bowl.
  • Convenient Ignition: Enjoy hassle-free fire starting with the PH Igniter system.
  • Outdoor Elegance: Elevate your outdoor space with the charm of this 29-inch concrete fire bowl.


Diameter: 33"
Height: 18"
Opening: 18"
Hex Burner: 12"
Water Spout: 11"
Water Flow: 15 GPM
Weight: 210 lbs.
Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement
Finish: Pewter-Natural-Café-Ebony-Ultra-Coastal
BTU: 65,000 - 85,000
Fuel Type: Propane or Natural Gas
Propane Storage: No
Rock: Lava Rock Included
Stainless Steel Burner Insert: Yes
Key Valve Ignition: Yes

    Imagine the captivating scene as you gather around the Sorrento Concrete Fire Bowl, its dancing flames casting a warm and inviting glow. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or seeking a tranquil escape, this fire bowl adds an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation to any outdoor setting. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this concrete fire bowl is not just a source of warmth but also a statement of aesthetics. Its robust construction ensures durability and longevity, promising to remain a captivating centerpiece of your outdoor decor for years to come.

    The addition of the PH Igniter ensures easy and reliable ignition, making it even more convenient to enjoy the beauty and warmth of your outdoor fire feature. Customers who have added the Sorrento Concrete Fire Bowl with PH Igniter by Prism Hardscapes to their outdoor spaces are thrilled with the results. They describe it as a game-changer, enhancing the overall ambiance and providing a captivating focal point for countless gatherings. Elevate your outdoor living with the Sorrento Concrete Fire Bowl with PH Igniter by Prism Hardscapes. It's not just a fire bowl; it's a source of style, warmth, and cherished memories, complete with the added convenience of easy ignition and a free cover. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your outdoor space and savor cozy evenings by the fire with this exceptional piece of outdoor artistry.

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    Weight & Specifications

    • Diameter: 33"
    • Height: 18"
    • Opening: 18"
    • Hex Burner: 12"
    • Water Spout: 11"
    • Water Flow: 15 GPM
    • Weight: 210 lbs.
    • Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement
    • Finish: Pewter-Natural-Café-Ebony-Ultra-Coastal
    • BTU: 65,000 - 85,000
    • Fuel Type: Propane or Natural Gas
    • Propane Storage: No
    • Rock: Lava Rock Included
    • Stainless Steel Burner Insert
    • Key Valve Ignition

    Shipping & Returns

    Product Downloads & Manuals


    PH Ignite Installation Manual


    PH Ignite Spec Sheet

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    One of a kind

    Premium Materials, Enduring Quality

    Prism commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of top-tier materials, ensuring your Prism Hardscapes product stands the test of time. Durable, weather-resistant, and built to withstand the elements.

    Exquisite Craftsmanship

    Immerse yourself in the artistry of Prism fire pits, meticulously crafted with an unparalleled attention to detail. Elevate your outdoor space with designs that are as unique as they are beautiful.

    Innovative Designs for Every Style

    From contemporary elegance to rustic charm, Prism Hardscapes' diverse range of fire pit designs caters to every taste. Transform your outdoor area into a haven of style and sophistication.

    Elevate Your Outdoor Living with Prism Hardscapes

    Embrace the perfect fusion of style, quality, and innovation. Explore their collection and transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of elegance.

    Frequancy Asked Questions

    1. What are the Freebies should I get with my Prism Purchase?

    As a Wood Majestic customer, you eligible to get the following freebies:

    # Free custom waterproof cover ($200.00 Value)
    # Free 1/4 lava rock - No need to do anything, we will add it automatically to your purchase

    2. What is Prism Hardscapes Warranty terms?

    Prism Hardscapes LLC offers a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Prism Hardscapes will repair or replace product which has been proven to be defective in workmanship and/or material. If unit is confirmed defective and is not repairable by a qualified Prism Hardscapes representative, the unit will be replaced FOB PRISM HARDSCAPES facility. The buyer must provide proof of purchase along with date of delivery to the end user and arrange shipping associated with the replacement of the unit. Prism Hardscapes will not be responsible for any defects resulting from misuse, user error, installation error, abuse, repair or alteration. The use of wood or fuels other than those specified for use with this unit by Prism Hardscapes will void warranty immediately. Under no circumstances will Prism Hardscapes be liable for incidentals or consequential damage resulting from defective products. This warranty is Prism Hardscapes’ sole warranty, all others expressed or implied whether of merchantability, fitness of purpose or otherwise, are therefore disclaimed by Prism Hardscapes. Prism Hardscapes is not responsible for any injury or mishap related to misuse, abuse, or lack of judgment in choosing fire display locations.

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    Sorrento Concrete Fire Bowl w/PH Igniter PH-438-FB, 29-Inches - Prism Hardscapes

    Sorrento Concrete Fire Bowl w/ PH Igniter + Free Cover ✓ [Prism Hardscapes] PH-438-FB - 29-Inches

    Regular price $3,638.00