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Wood Majestic Linear Electric Fireplaces - Bringing Warmth to Your Life

Want an eco-friendly fireplace to beautify your home's interior? Wood Majestic Linear Electric Fireplaces are the safest and most aesthetic heat source. We provide fireplaces in multiple dimensions and sizes, so you can install it in your favorite spot.

linnear fireplace

Our linear fireplaces only consume electricity as fuel, preventing the emission of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The pollution-free fireplaces are not only good for your health, but they are also sustainable and eco-friendly. You can increase the heat output up to 5,118 | 8,530 BTU's.

Moreover, we fit a cooler contact screen on the fireplace’s posterior to ensure it is safe for kids and pets. As a result, you don't have to worry about accidental burns. 

Highly Aesthetic Linear Electric Fireplaces

All linear electric fireplaces are fully recessed, fitting neatly within the wall. So, there is nothing protruding out that diminishes the elegance of your home. Our units also create a realistic flame effect to build an ambiance of a crackling fire. The flames do not create any ashes, thus limiting cleanup and maintenance. 

electric linnear fireplace

Our fireplaces are fitted with a linear burner to show a uniform flaming effect. They also come with an inbuilt crackle sound effect to give the experience of a traditional fireplace. You can use the remote controller to adjust this sound, in addition to switching the unit off. 

Year-Round Functional Electric Fireplaces

You can enjoy Wood Majestic’s linear electric fireplaces during all seasons because the firebox has two settings, heating and heatless. If you feel like sitting and relaxing in front of the fire in the middle of summer, just turn on the heatless setting to enjoy the fireplace’s comfy and aesthetic appeal.

warm fireplace
A Cost-Effective Heat Source

Our linear electric fireplaces warm your home inexpensively. The cost of buying, installing, and operating them is relatively lower than traditional fireplaces. In addition, the units do not emit smoke and toxic gases, eliminating the need to install a chimney. The fireplaces require zero to low-maintenance. To clean, you can simply remove the protective screen and vacuum the firebox. Then, wipe it with a damp cloth but make sure the firebox is completely dry before use. 

Benefits of Our Linear Electric Fireplaces

The linear electric fireplaces enhance the beauty of your home while providing multiple benefits. You can install it in your bedroom, living room, office space, and even in your bathroom for the ultimate spa experience. 

We provide a warranty on each fireplace, so you can contact us if there is an issue. However, the warranty period is different for every unit. Make sure to check it beforehand. 

You also don't have to deal with installation restrictions, as it can be fitted anywhere on the wall. Once it is fixed, you only have to plug it in to make it functional.

Free shipping

On Wood Majestic, you get free shipping on each fireplace delivery, applicable in 48 states. We also don't charge sales tax. The price you see at the checkout is the only amount you have to pay.

So, browse the options and place an order today! 


Do you have more questions for us? Contact us Ask an Expert: (347) 901-5493 | Email us: | Live Chat: Chat with us 

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Protect Your Purchase
  • Extended protection beyond MFR warranty
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